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For the acquisition or sale of a property in Spain, we recommend you to be always accompanied by lawyers specialized in real estate law.
It is a procedure with a specific regulation that provides legal certainty, both for foreigners and Spanish citizens.
However, it involves a certain complexity, and it is necessary to be very well advised.
In most cases, we represent our clients through power of attorney and thus we can carry out the appropriate procedures on their behalf, keeping the client informed at every step. Thus our clients can maintain their daily life in their country of residence while their interests being represented in Spain.

The purchase requires a thorough legal investigation of the property, the ownership, compliance with the regulations, the detection of debts and encumbrances and their cancellation prior to the deed of purchase, the proper functioning of the supplies, among others and the signing of the public deed before a notary for registration in the corresponding Property Registry.
Our service and consulting activity include all these procedures, as well as obtaining the tax identification number for foreigners (N.I.E.), which is essential for the purchase of a property in Spain.
We will accompany you in the previous steps, we represent you in the purchase and in our service, we include the after sale, registering the purchase in the corresponding Registry and Town Hall, processing the corresponding taxes and expenses in your name, making the change of the supply contracts in your name and direct debiting the bills in your account.
As for the sale, we will advise you throughout the procedure and we will take care of obtaining all the necessary documentation, carrying out the appropriate procedures, to be able to sign the deed of sale before a notary public and present the corresponding taxes and cancel the contracts and direct debits once the sale is finished.
Do not hesitate to contact us for your questions and we will be happy to assist you. The first is a free consultation so that you can explain your situation and expose your doubts.

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